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PATZ Prop Agitator
Patz 2016 Tundra Manure Pump

Patz 616 Manure Agitator

Patz Vertical Electric Prop Agitator

High-Performance Prop Agitator for a Consistent Blend!

Agitate Fast! Blend Fast!

  • Pivots easily, fast agitating, quick consistent blending of dairy or hog manure.
  • Energy Efficient – low horsepower requirements! Use 7-1/2, 10 or 15 HP electric motor.
  • Unique seal system extends gearbox and bearing life!
  • Abrasion-resisting steel propeller blades & shear plate with stainless steel hardware below the liquid line for long life!
  • Agitator available in various lengths 6 to 16 feet (1.8 to 4.8 m).
  • Easy lube – convenient ‘above pit’ oil and grease lines.
  • Easy view oil level monitoring.
  • Easy to install anchored pivot allows precise positioning to agitate entire pit.