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PATZ Flume Scrappers
Patz 500 Shuttle Box Scraper Cross Gutter Cleaner

Patz 500 Shuttle Box Scraper Cross Gutter Cleaner

Handles your manure up to 460 feet (140.2 m) - from alley to reception pit!

- For slurry manure with chopped straw, sawdust or sand laden bedding.

- Powered by proven Patz Model 1000 Alley Scraper Planetary Drive Unit.

- Shuttle Box is powder coat finished with abrasion resistant steel bottom plates for longer service life.

- Cross gutter:
Width: 36 inches (0.91 m).
Depth: Minimum 34 inches (0.86 m).

- Customized to fit your operation! Maximum of 5 shuttle boxes per operating system.

- Mechanically actuated swinging gate.

- End wheel is designed for mounting on end or can be adapted to side walls for easy removal and service.

Drive Unit Features

  • Planetary Speed Reducer (Highly efficient requiring lower horsepower, resulting in lower electrical usage.)
  • #80 Roller Chain Drive
  • 27-1/2" Diameter Drive Drum - 18-1/2" Wide

Scraper Box Specifications

  • Mechanically activated door.
  • Abrasion resisting bottom plates.
  • Scraped alley length - 100' maximum SAL. (Scraped cross gutter length.)
  • 460 foot maximum cross gutter length and uses 1/2" cable.
  • 5 shuttle boxes maximum per cross gutter.

Control Panel

Customizing Your Scraper

Because the control panel is the "brain" of your shuttle box scraper, you will enjoy its many benefits and desirable features. The Control Panel is available in 230 volt, 1 phase and 3 phase, or as a 460 volt 3 phase. All panels are UL/CUL approved.

The Patz Control Panel saves you steps and labor when you control all functions of the scraper at the control panel.

  • 120 volt 24-hour clock, adjustable to 15 minutes minimum, used to start a full run cycle.
  • 3 settings, Manual, Automatic and continuous RUN.
  • Lighted stop button
  • Internal disconnect switch.
  • Start Button.
  • AC Current Sensor.
  • Labeled terminal strip.
  • Fiberglass enclosure.
  • Automatic/Manual control switch.
  • Forward/Reverse control switch.
  • Waterproof stain relief for power cords.
  • Fused circuits.
  • Automatic Stop in Manual Mode at the end of the alley.
  • Internal Memory - Remembers direction of travel when restarted.
  • Terminals for Remote Stop Light.
  • Controls at Panel - No need to access drive unit to reverse the scraper direction after stopping the unit.